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Compare four common cloud computing jobs

The IT job market is flooded with cloud computing jobs as the technology becomes more widespread. Explore four common career paths and how to prepare for an interview.


Evolve IT management tools for different cloud models

Among the many changes a cloud migration brings to an enterprise, IT teams must take a long, hard look at their existing infrastructure management tools.


Why cloud computing remains misunderstood

The misuse of the phrase 'cloud computing' has created misperceptions of the technology. Remember that the cloud isn't a location -- it's a more agile way to design IT services.


When to look beyond cloud's 'Big Three'

IT shops with specific workload requirements continue to choose specialty IaaS offerings over the more rigid services from cloud giants like AWS, Azure and Google.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    Enable auto scaling with Azure VM Scale Sets

    Scalability is an attractive capability of cloud computing that reels in enterprises of all sizes. Learn how Virtual Machine Scale Sets in Azure can help you achieve that benefit.

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    An intro to Azure functions as a service

    Microsoft recently released Azure Functions to stand up to AWS Lambda. Learn how to get started with this event-driven service, and if it's the right fit for you.

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    Get started with Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director

    An OpenStack deployment doesn't always come easy for an IT team. Learn how Red Hat's Platform Director can help with OpenStack implementation and lifecycle management.

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