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Steve Gunderson, Contributor Published: 27 Nov 2012

It seems like every year some new technology explodes onto the IT scene with huge potential -- and frequently even greater hype. But tackling every technology that comes along is usually both impractical and too expensive. So how do you choose the right ones and then integrate them successfully into your environment? As we all know, one of today's hottest IT topics is the cloud, and it's more than likely on your priority list as well. But figuring out how to maximize the real potential of cloud computing while avoiding the trap of relying on it to solve problems it was never designed to solve is a script most IT executives are still trying to write. The lesson was to never abandon disciplined procedures, processes and testing plans that have served IT so well over the decades. Working with many clients on a wide range of IT projects as principal at Transitional Data Services, I've had the opportunity to see what works in the real world and what's more promise than reality. In fact, one client is a perfect example of the opportunity cloud computing presents -... Access >>>

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