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April 2013, Volume 2, Number 4

One on One: The education of a cloud expert

These days, cloud expert Mark Szynaka spends his time building and deploying virtual data centers for his consulting and integreation firm, CloudeBroker, which specializes in rapid deployment of complex applications leveraging services sold on Amazon Marketplace. But just two short years ago, Szynaka was knee-deep in a traditional enterprise IT shop, heading up the network operations management department at Citigroup, where he oversaw security, performance, capacity planning and troubleshooting for 45,000 devices servicing 140 countries and upward of 500,000 employees. Before that, he was self-employed, developing network performance management software and even making a run for the early application service provider (ASP) market. It's from that vantage point that he formed his impressions of the public cloud, which he finds wildly compelling -- despite occasional flashes of immaturity. Szynaka will present on his cloud expertise at the Modern Infrastructure Decisions event in New York City on April 11, in the session "...

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