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February 2012, Vol. 2 No. 1

How DevOps brings order to a cloud-oriented world

The increased adoption of public cloud services and agile programming methodologies has made it clear that improved cooperation between software developers and IT operatives is a necessity. These two groups have a radically divergent worldview: Developers want immediate access to new computing and storage resources, along with accommodation of frequent minor app updates. IT operations groups want stability and reliability; they worship the status quo of the data center’s networked resources and software. DevOps is the name of a nascent IT discipline that aims to bring order to this chaotic world of application/service development, testing, deployment, scaling and monitoring, as well as ensure software quality, security, availability, reliability and performance. Commissioning new server instances -- even virtual ones -- requires an Act of Congress. Sysadmins and QA teams treat new apps and updates like they carry the bubonic plague, erecting complicated change-management systems to protect what they believe is a brittle ...

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  • Complexity in the cloud

    by  Lauren Horwitz

    Companies that are considering private or hybrid clouds often report the vexing problem of trying to understand complex cloud service-level agreements (SLAs).