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Published: 11 Dec 2012

IT shops first turned to virtualization to consolidate hardware and reduce IT costs. But today, virtualized infrastructure has evolved well beyond these use cases. Now IT departments can use virtualized environments to create IT as a Service (IaaS) models. They can share software and hardware resources, more flexibly and dynamically serve up applications to end users, and reduce management and maintenance headaches. And IT departments can potentially provide this new flexibility while still reducing costs. This grand vision for computing— also known as a private cloud computing model—holds serious potential but also substantial caveats. While many technology vendors tout their products as all-encompassing cloud “suites,” many fall short of enabling a “true” cloud environment. Indeed, many lack key management features—from Web portals to template customization to visibility into physical resources— or rely on other providers to fill in feature gaps—but at the expense of ease of use. To make good on the promise of a private cloud infrastructure, the technology... Access >>>

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    • Preparing for private cloud construction by Jo Maitland, Senior Executive Editor

      Private cloud hype has never been stronger. Take a look at the strategies and technologies involved in constructing in-house cloud services and decide if private cloud is right for you.

    • Weighing private cloud provider software options by Mike Laverick, Contributor

      Private cloud providers often tout their offerings as all-in-one technologies, but many fall short of that promise. Here’s how to evaluate the merits and drawbacks of these products.

  • News
    • Here's how the cloud will crowd your job by Carl Brooks, Senior Technology Writer

      With cloud computing on the rise, many of the IT jobs done manually will fade into the past. Keeping up with products and technology has never been more important.

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