Everything you need to know about migrating applications to the cloud

Everything you need to know about migrating applications to the cloud

Compatibility, interoperability and performance concerns have kept cloud-wary IT admins from getting more comfortable with the idea of moving applications to the cloud. And without a seamless application migration blueprint, the project can seem like more of a headache than it's worth.

How do you know which applications are best fit in the cloud? Are there any tools that can help with app migration? And, most importantly, how can enterprises take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of cloud while avoiding app migration frustrations? This comprehensive guide has all the answers to steer your cloud application migration project in the right direction.

Table of contents:

News and features about migrating apps to the cloud

AWS Marketplace offers Amazon EC2 customers one-click cloud
Amazon broadens its cloud services with AWS Marketplace, creating a single-click experience and opening its public cloud to third-party developers.

Cloud shakes up application delivery in the enterprise
Getting applications to users is an IT department's main function. But cloud -- public, private and hybrid -- is fundamentally altering that job, giving users a Web portal and the power of self-provision services.

IT shops scrutinize Office 365 while clutching on-premises apps
Microsoft adds communication and collaboration muscle to Office 365, but IT shops are still concerned about interoperability and costs.

Applications interfere with cloud computing adoption
Building a private cloud is often all about the applications. Established organizations that want to redo IT with an eye on cloud's benefits face serious challenges when moving legacy applications to private cloud.

Amazon Web Services adds workflow support for cloud applications
AWS' new Simple Workflow Service makes life easier for cloud app developers, but Microsoft got there first with a similar feature for Windows Azure.

How to build an application for the cloud
The CTO and founder of email archiving service provider Sonian discusses how he designed his Software as a Service application specifically for the cloud.

The economics of application development in the cloud
In this interview with Greg Arnette, the CTO and founder of Sonian discusses the economics of developing applications in cloud environments.

Tips and tutorials for migrating applications to the cloud

Improving cloud interoperability with application migration tools
Application migration tools can improve communication between clouds and make it easier for IT shops moving applications.

Resolving cloud application migration issues
To construct increasingly portable cloud applications, more appropriate application architectures and open cloud standards are a necessity.

Mapping applications to the hybrid cloud
Moving the right application to a hybrid cloud can help enterprises eke out the most value from the public cloud.

Developing mobile apps for the cloud
The rise of the mobile device in the enterprise can make cloud more valuable, if enterprises develop apps with the mobile cloud in mind.

Keys to integrated cloud application management
Seamless cloud application management isn’t a pipe dream. By following a few steps, cloud admins can monitor cloud app performance from a single interface.

Checklist: Managing applications in the cloud
Moving applications to the cloud goes beyond selecting the right apps. Future steps include configuring apps, migrating data and monitoring.

How multiple providers affect cloud application migration
Migrating applications from one cloud to another isn’t quite as simple as picking up and transitioning. A lot depends on choosing the right provider.

The reinvention of SaaS
SaaS has seen its days as the cool kid in the cloud service model come and go. Improved security, performance and SOA may revitalize its reputation.