The cloud computing administrator's guide to 'big data'

The cloud computing administrator's guide to 'big data'

"Big data" is all the rage in the IT community and Gartner predicts it will only get more attention in the next year. And by combining it with the benefits of cloud computing, IT pros can harness the power of big data without draining bandwidth or storage capacity.

Experts are just starting to learn how they can use big data in the cloud to benefit the enterprise, with the help of tools like Hadoop and MapReduce. This refresher course can bolster your big data knowledge and prepare you for the future of IT.

Table of contents:

Big data tips and tutorials

Microsoft cloud service lets citizen developers crunch big data
Microsoft's "Data Explorer" cloud service puts coding power into the hands citizen developers. It remains to be seen how deep into big data users get.

Examining the state of PaaS in the year of big data
Either more vendors are offering big data capabilities or they have creative marketing teams. Which PaaS provider's big data cloud is the real deal?

Why big data, testing make good Amazon EC2 spot instance candidates
Amazon EC2 spot instances are ideal for use with some cloud apps. Running tasks like big data analysis there can even reduce your bottom line.

Big data buzz gets louder with Apache Hadoop and Hive
Apache Hive gives SQL-savvy developers the power to add up complex queries against big data in Windows Azure blobs.

Analyzing big data with Microsoft Cloud Numerics
Microsoft's Cloud Numerics lets developers use their .NET chops and HPC clusters to analyze big data in the cloud.

Microsoft, Google's big data plans give IT an edge
When hindered by small budgets for big data, some CIOs may turn to public cloud providers for an advantage.

Choosing a cloud data store for big data
Where is the best place in the cloud to store big data? It's a question that enterprise IT management must seriously consider.

Microsoft tests Social Analytics experimental cloud
Microsoft is testing its Social Analytics experimental cloud to mine social media activity. Think big data meets business intelligence in the cloud.

Sharding relational databases in the cloud
When handling big data in the cloud, make sure that your cloud databases are equipped for the necessary sharding processes.

Big data in the news

VMware vSphere offers big data fault tolerance
Hadoop's success in the cloud may rest on virtualization. As IT pushes for more big data support, VMware claims it has the answer.

Google, IBM, Oracle want piece of big data in the cloud
Public cloud giants hop onto big data in the cloud with Hadoop/MapReduce integrations.

IBM SmartCloud strategy emphasizes mobile environments, big data
IBM has tried to reinvigorate its cloud strategy over the past year, so what's next? Big Blue's Scott Hebner gives us some clues.

At IBM, big data management is big -- really big
IBM's big data management projects rely on its Blue Insight cloud and Cognos analytics software, which turn data into optimized business processes.

Decision makers plan to spend big on big data projects
Two surveys found that many companies are moving to become more data-driven and that big data initiatives are among the items on their to-do lists.

Mission impossible? Data governance process takes on big data
Effective governance can help companies get the most out of their big data environments. But at this point, there's no formula for how to do that.

Videos about big data

Time to move from big data management to big data analytics
Industry analyst Colin White is tired of all the talk about the three V's of big data. He instead wants to focus on the use cases -- the analytics -- of big data.

Managing big data: Petabytes, exabytes and analytics
Learn the differences between managing big data and traditional data warehousing. We'll also explore big data analytics, MapReduce and Hadoop.