The complete IaaS reference guide

The complete IaaS reference guide

Infrastructure as a Service is one of the three pillars of the cloud computing service model -- along with Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. But how well do you really know IaaS? You may know that IaaS is the delivery of equipment, such as servers and virtual machines, over a network -- but how does it differ across cloud providers? And what do enterprises really think about IaaS adoption? This guide can help you sort through the background on IaaS providers, news and helpful tutorials.

Table of contents:

IaaS in the news

Google delivers IaaS cloud without Windows support
Google's IaaS platform will compete with Windows Azure and AWS, but a major limitation may prevent enterprises from adopting Google Compute Engine.

Microsoft to battle Amazon with Azure improvements and services
Microsoft will reintroduce Windows Azure next month with a new Web hosting framework and a detailed roadmap for its long-awaited IaaS, sources say.

Midsize IaaS cloud providers win SMBs with custom, flexible services
While large IaaS cloud players compete on price, small and midsize providers are developing custom and complementary managed services to conquer the SMB market.

Infrastructure as a Service: Not just for the IT director
Two years ago, this expert predicted that by 2012, all businesses would switch from onsite data centers and colocation to Infrastructure as a Service. Now that the time has come, how on point was his vision?

Survey: IT and compliance pros differ on IaaS security
Compliance practitioners are more confident in cloud security than IT pros, study finds.

Who's who in IaaS providers

The straight dope on Infrastructure as a Service
It can be tough to get to the bottom of what IaaS vendors offer and what they're not telling you. Get the hard truth on five players in private cloud.

The rise of the non-Amazon IaaS cloud provider
Amazon isn’t the only vendor in the IaaS universe. With other large vendors out there and niche providers cropping up, enterprises have choices.

Evaluating IaaS providers: Security risks
There are a lot of cloud-based infrastructure services from which to choose, but companies need to weigh the associated risks.

Tips and tutorials on IaaS

Pros and cons of a non-VM-based IaaS model
Building an IaaS cloud without using VMs has some limits. The ability to progress to a mixed-service cloud can help IT teams ignore potential issues.

How to build a scalable IaaS cloud network infrastructure
Attempts to scale Infrastructure as a Service cloud network infrastructure often involves workarounds, but providers should look to IP-over-IP transport and invest in design.

Testing IaaS security
An experiment using Rackspace illustrates the risks to unsecured IaaS servers and how enterprises can protect themselves.

Cloud computing encryption and IaaS security
Though encryption has always been a security tactic for IT, it fell off the radar until cloud computing -- and its security fears -- came along. Learn how to encrypt two types of IaaS storage for data protection.

Is OpenStack architecture really the best choice to build IaaS clouds?
The OpenStack architecture could alter the relationship between cloud computing and the network, but is it over-hyped? That is a critical question that’s difficult to answer.

Considerations for building an efficient private cloud
The key to an agile private cloud is to choose an IaaS vendor that's compatible with existing infrastructures and future cloud software use.

Infrastructure as a Service: How to maintain control
Buying Infrastructure as a Service is a mouth-watering prospect for CIOs and IT departments eager to drive down costs and speed up provisioning. But once IT is outsourced, keeping control of it can be a major challenge.

The most important threat facing an IaaS cloud service
Can you protect your IT environment against the number one threat to Infrastructure as a Service? First you have to learn what it is.

Remote management threatens Infrastructure as a Service security
Secure an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering by mitigating poor credentials, implementation flaws and other threats that affect remote management solutions.

IaaS security puts spotlight on hypervisor security, tenant management
The adoption of the virtualized environment is driving the rise of IaaS. And virtualization security is at the core of IaaS security.