Big data and cloud business intelligence

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  • In the cloud, big data's a big deal

    Big data analytics in the cloud may solve some problems, such as reducing data center infrastructure costs. But does it introduce new ones as well? 

  • cloud analytics

    Cloud analytics is a service model in which one or more key element of data analytics is provided through a public or private cloud.  Cloud analytics applications and services are typically provided through a subscription-based or utility (pay-per-us... 

  • big data (Big Data)

    Big data (also spelled Big Data) is a general term used to describe voluminous amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data that would take too much time and cost too much money to load into a relational database for analysis. 

  • Hadoop

    Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. 

About Big data and cloud business intelligence

As businesses embrace big data and cloud business intelligence to mine large datasets and gain an edge over their competition, products such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Apache Hadoop, Amazon MapR and Cloudera become increasingly popular. And although data anlytics and BI have been around for a long time, cloud computing has made cloud BI faster, more powerful and easier to manage. But big data in cloud computing requires highly trained IT pros with the right skills to implement, deploy and manage data analytics without downgrading end-user experiences or bogging down the network.