Cloud architecture design and planning

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  • Private cloud strategy: Building blocks and roadblocks

    As public clouds have gained popularity among the IT industry, private cloud has begun to catch the eyes of IT pros, particularly those who want greater self-service and automation but worry about data security. However, many still remain apprehensiv... 

  • Building an effective private cloud in 10 steps

    Private clouds offer many of the advantages of public cloud services, but without the security concerns and compliance issues that make IT managers sweat. So how time-intensive is it to build a private cloud in your enterprise? Roll up your sleeves; ... 

  • What is private cloud computing anyway?

    What is private cloud computing? Vendors are racing to deliver private cloud offerings, but there are really only a few “true” cloud solutions available, so it is critical to be able to separate fact from fiction when looking at the saturated cloud m... 

  • DevOps: Bringing order to the chaotic cloud

    This expert e-zine discusses best practices for implementing and managing a private cloud in your enterprise. Gain insights on the complexities of cloud, how to overcome them and the key steps to take to successfully build your private cloud. In addi... 

  • Tips for preparing and building a secure private cloud

    This expert resource explores the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid clouds, how to get your environment hybrid cloud-ready and provides key tips for a secure private cloud and successful cloud management. 

  • Common challenges in developing a private cloud environment

    In this issue of the Private Cloud E-Zine, we examine common challenges in developing a private cloud environment, from IT departmental silos to the lack of sophistication of cloud management tools. Access this resource to address the various factors... 

  • Priming data center infrastructure for a private cloud

    More IT pros are considering implementing a cloud environment, but they soon realize that building a private cloud means overhauling their entire existing data center infrastructure. Learn how moving to the cloud takes more than putting a layer of cl... 

  • Entering the private cloud

    Read this e-book to gain expert insights on the private cloud and learn best practices for building one in your organization. 

  • Strategies for building a private cloud

    While many enterprises have moved to the private cloud model, have they adopted it entirely, and what are the roadblocks to getting there? In this inaugural edition of our Cloud Computing e-zine, we explore company strategies for private cloud adopti... 

  • VM automation in the private cloud

    Being able to automatically deploy virtual machines to users is one key advantage of the private cloud. Creating and enforcing strict policies and objectives will keep VM provisioning—and over provisioning—under control. Access this white paper to le... 

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  • Hyper-V Cloud

    Hyper-V Cloud is a combination of Microsoft virtualization and virtualization management software that makes it easier for businesses to virtualize their existing server hardware assets and either consolidate them or move them to the cloud. 

  • cloud-in-a-can (cloud in a box)

    A cloud-in-a-can, also called a cloud in a box, is a marketing term used to describe a turnkey product for private cloud deployments. 

  • cloud computing

    A cloud service has three distinct characteristics that differentiate it from traditional hosting. It is sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour; it is elastic -- a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given... 

  • private cloud (internal cloud or corporate cloud)

    Private cloud (also called internal cloud) is a marketing term for an enterprise computing architecture that's protected by a firewall. Promotion of the private cloud model is designed to appeal to an organization that wants more control over their d... 

About Cloud architecture design and planning

Building a private cloud requires sound cloud architecture planning and design. Cloud architects and enterprise IT teams can pool hardware, storage, network, Web, and virtualization resources for more flexible, dynamic and on-demand requirements. Get news and research on how to properly construct a cloud computing infrastructure using open source or proprietary cloud sofware to efficiently pool IT resources and to overcome the challenges of cloud architecture design and management.