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  • Nerd fight 2013: The great OpenStack API debate

    OpenStack APIs have become a topic of fierce argument within the open source cloud platform's community, ending in a contentious debate this week.

  • Cloud Developments columns

    Our editors have written weekly columns on cloud computing developments. Find them all listed and discussed in this columns page.

  • Complex Amazon EC2 API creates steep learning curve

    There's room to streamline the Amazon EC2 API, but some industry experts say API scalability and compatibility matter most.

  • The promise and perils of open source clouds

    As cloud computing has developed, open source software has become a cornerstone of the model, which emphasizes homogeneity among infrastructure resources.

    But just as open source has its share of advantages for cloud projects, it also has its downsides. The idea of a license-free or lower-cost option can be enticing to budget-conscious IT departments, but the do-it-yourself nature of open source can be a major disadvantage for some shops. And just because a tool or platform is open source does not ensure integration and portability between cloud environments and so on. So too, many proprietary options offer the advantages of open source because they are built on open source code, but they lack some of its liabilities in terms of lack of support or problems with ease of use. In this handbook on open source and the cloud, we look at open source options, the benefits and liabilities, as well as the pros and cons of proprietary models.

    We explore some of the key issues shaping the market, the tools available and how data centers make use of and contend with open source issues.

  • One-on-one with Randy Bias: Cloud standards and the battle for control

    When discussing open source cloud and standards, Randy Bias argues it's only a matter of time before dominant cloud standards prevail in IT.

  • OpenStack

    OpenStack is an open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) initiative for creating and managing large groups of virtual private servers in a cloud computing environment.

  • Reducing risks with multiple cloud service providers

    Using multiple cloud providers can help mitigate public cloud risks, though the challenges of a multi-cloud environment take some getting used to.

  • Making sense of the cloud API war

    As Google enters the IaaS market, enterprises have yet another cloud API choice to make. Yet, taking a wait-and-see-who-wins approach could cost them.

  • Cloud management beyond the API

    APIs are only one way to manage a cloud. Combining native vendor management services with third-party tools can help bridge the hybrid cloud divide.

  • Analyzing 'big data' with Microsoft Cloud Numerics

    Microsoft’s Cloud Numerics lets developers use their .NET chops and HPC clusters to analyze "big data" in the cloud.

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