Cloud development and testing

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  • Can a service repository be kept on the cloud?

    If an architect has created a useful services repository, can that be easily uploaded, maintained and protected in a public cloud computing scenario? Expert Todd Biske provides the answer. 

  • Amazon CloudSearch

    Amazon CloudSearch is a scalable, developer-friendly, cloud-based search service that forms part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to Amazon, developers can set CloudSearch up and deploy it fully in less than an hour. 

  • accessibility testing

    Accessibility testing is a type of systems testing designed to determine whether individuals with disabilities will be able to use the system in question, which could be software, hardware, or some other type of system. 

  • static testing

    Static testing is a software testing method that involves examination of the program's code and its associated documentation but does not require the program be executed. 

  • software testing

    Software testing is a method of assessing the functionality of a software program. There are many different types of software testing but the two main categories are dynamic testing and static testing. 

  • dynamic testing

    Dynamic testing is a method of assessing the feasibility of a software program by giving input and examining output (I/O). The dynamic method requires that the code be compiled and run. 

  • destructive testing

    Destructive testing is a software assessment method used to find points of failure in a program. 

  • DevOps

    DevOps is the blending of tasks performed by a company's application development and systems operations teams. 

About Cloud development and testing

Application development, quality assurance, training and demo environments are typically underutilized and difficult for IT operations to maintain. As a result, testing and developing applications in the cloud is becoming a more realistic and desirable option. Get news, tips and tutorials on cloud development and testing, along with expert advice on choosing the correct vendor and information on the dynamic tools and processes available in this flexible environment. This topic also covers the managing of cloud resources, test labs in the cloud, virtual lab management, Skytap, Surgient and other vendors.