Data security in the cloud

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  • Getting over the cloud adoption hurdle

    Now that the cloud market has matured, IT teams are eager to get on board with cloud computing. However, before you jump into your cloud investment, be sure you adequately understand the data security, privacy and compliance obstacles that can lead t... 

  • Tips for preparing and building a secure private cloud

    This expert resource explores the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid clouds, how to get your environment hybrid cloud-ready and provides key tips for a secure private cloud and successful cloud management. 

  • Patching holes in private cloud security

    Existing security tactics designed for a traditional data center with physical resources need to be adapted to operate a private cloud infrastructure securely. Without the proper private cloud security safeguards, it's just as vulnerable to threats a... 

  • Cloud computing security up close

    The cloud can't guarantee absolute data security, so you have to take safety into your own hands. This IT handbook is designed to help organizations make practical and strategic decisions about their own cloud computing security. Follow these guideli... 

  • Security in the cloud expert e-book

    Information technology is undergoing a radical change because of cloud computing. Information security must change its approach to data protection right along with it. This e-book will cover encryption and key management, infrastructure risks, data i... 

  • shadow IT (shadow information technology)

    Shadow IT is hardware or software that is not supported by an organization's IT department.  The term often carries a negative connotation because it implies the IT department has not approved the technology or doesn’t even know that employees are us... 

  • cloud computing

    A cloud service has three distinct characteristics that differentiate it from traditional hosting. It is sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour; it is elastic -- a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given... 

  • cloud cartography

    Cloud cartography is a scheme for pinpointing the physical locations of Web servers hosted on a third-party cloud computing service. The goal of cloud cartography is to map the service provider's infrastructure in order to identify where a particular... 

  • CloudAV

    CloudAV is a program that combines multiple antivirus applications and scans user files over a network of servers. The program was developed at the University of Michigan. 

About Data security in the cloud

Because cloud-based services use the Internet, storing data in the cloud can be risky and can mean less control over your data. As an IT manager, how do you decide which kinds of data to store in the cloud, stay compliant with government regulations, and maintain control and protect your data in a cloud-based model? In this section we cover the legal and compliance ramifications of shifting workloads to cloud computing services and how your data is segregated and protected in the cloud. Read news, technical tips and analysis on data security in the cloud, including encrypting data in the cloud, network security for cloud-based enterprise applications, operating system security for cloud based enterprise applications, data security for cloud-based enterprise applications, virtualization security for cloud-based enterprise applications and regulatory issues for cloud-based enterprise applications. This topic also covers security for cloud based applications, identity and access management in the cloud and medical records privacy.