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  • HP CloudSystem adds horsepower in OpenStack private cloud push

    HP rolls out new CloudSystem for OpenStack-based private clouds, but IT pros say it's still uncommon to find such environments among enterprises.

  • Pivotal's open source PaaS play arrives in-house

    Pivotal's latest offering includes private PaaS for enterprises. Sounds great in theory, but will it work across multiple platforms?

  • Blurred lines: Hybrid cloud deployment the future of the enterprise

    For enterprises trying to decide between a public or private cloud, the best choice may be a little bit of both.

  • Avoiding cloud lock-in, self-service bloat and private cloud traps

    Companies using private clouds are held hostage by their data. Here, one CTO explains self-service issues, avoiding cloud vendor lock-in and more.

  • An argument for the single cloud vendor approach

    Using multiple cloud providers lets you cash in on technological strengths, but placing all IT resources in one vendor basket has some advantages too.

  • Private Cloud as a Service delivers OpenStack, ensures governance

    SaaS-based private clouds give enterprises benefits of cloud -- faster development times and self-service portals -- without the management angst.

  • Is it time to migrate to the cloud?

    Cloud computing offers substantial benefits for some companies in terms of scalability, flexibility and cost savings through shared, multitenant infrastructure. But for some companies with lots of sensitive data subject to regulation, entrenched data center investments and lots of legacy architecture, moving to the cloud may not make sense. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller companies without a lot of data center resources may benefit from access to the cloud or may not get cost benefits from a private or hybrid cloud if they haven't virtualized enough on their own.

    In this handbook on considerations in moving to the cloud, we evaluate the kinds of company and infrastructure conditions in which it does -- or doesn't -- make sense to move to one of the cloud models.

  • Eleven cloud computing industry movers and shapers

    As the cloud computing industry matures, a handful of CTOs, CEOs, analysts and other IT pros stand out as the most influential in the market.

  • IT content and vendor engagement evaluation survey

    When IT professionals, such as you, have an IT project at their organization, there is a need to research multiple pieces of content from a variety of sources including vendors, third-parties and experts. This survey will allow TechTarget to identify the type of content that you prefer when conducting research related to your IT projects, and how you prefer to engage with vendors.

  • IBM, Salesforce deals usher in cloud consolidation era

    IBM's SoftLayer buy is getting mixed reviews from IT pros, but everyone agrees that it's an example of the consolidation phase of the cloud bubble.

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