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  • Climbing out of an AWS EC2 cost sinkhole

    In a world where Amazon Web Services is a household name in public cloud, sometimes it's tough to admit that building a Web-based business on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) may have been a mistake. So when the time comes to find a new...

  • Public cloud use rises, while OpenStack takes private cloud market

    In terms of public cloud use, it seems to be Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. A study by software as a service provider RightScale showed that hybrid cloud computing is on the rise, with Amazon Web Services taking a major lead on the public cloud side. In...

  • Seven deadly DevOps strategy sins and how to avoid them

    Ready? Set? DevOps!

    Not so fast! Jumping headlong into a DevOps strategy without understanding the common pitfalls and mistakes is like climbing a mountain without any gear.

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  • Small businesses drop data centers for advantages of cloud computing

    Access to production servers from anywhere on the globe via a cloud service provider can help small businesses expand their reach. In this part two of this three-part series, small businesses discuss the advantages of cloud computing and how they...

  • Scripted automation saves the day in cloud-first IT approach

    While some companies struggle with complex cloud migrations or are stuck in on-premises, others are coming forward with a cloud-first approach. By spending less on traditional hardware and software, enterprises are able to capitalize on the...

  • Cloud-first initiatives alleviate standards and compliance pain points

    While their numbers may be few, organizations that have ventured ahead to run production workloads on a public cloud infrastructure have found particular benefits to a cloud-first approach.

    These trailblazers are gaining flexibility and...

  • DRaaS benefits spark market growth, mask dangers

    Devising and testing disaster recovery requires a great deal of time and effort. DRaaS, or cloud DR services, are gaining traction among enterprises because they offer lower cost and greater flexibility. While DRaaS addresses shortcomings with...

  • Startups find the public cloud value sweet spot

    You've got a great idea for a product and you're ready to launch it into the world. What's the best way to create the IT infrastructure that will allow you to get it out there quickly and cheaply? Contemporary wisdom says cloud computing is the...

  • New Google Cloud Platform features, price cuts put AWS on notice

    SAN FRANCISCO – Google turned AWS users' heads this week with new Cloud Platform features and steep price cuts, followed by Amazon cloud price cuts.

    Cisco Systems Inc., meanwhile, pledged this week to spend $1 billion to...

  • In the cloud DR market, all eyes are on the enterprise

    While most of the focus of cloud disaster recovery is on smaller customers, enterprises are keenly interested as well.

    Disaster recovery and the cloud

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