• How to be a Google cloud copycat

    Google is firmly among the cloud elite, and many enterprises want to follow in its footsteps. Becoming a Google copycat may not be as hard as you think.

  • Complicated multi-clouds attract enterprises

    Multi-clouds come with complexity, but can offer a more cost-efficient and valuable environment. Will enterprise IT learn to love a multi-cloud approach?

  • Public cloud components vs. DIY

    DIY is good for remodeling a house, but it might not be right for your enterprise. Answering five questions can prevent your cloud from a DIY disaster.

  • Hardware checklist for a private cloud project

    There are many considerations for building a private cloud, especially with a tight budget. Keep costs in check by carefully planning out hardware, capacity, storage and networking.

  • Strip down to bare-metal for unique cloud apps

    Businesses face the challenge of finding the right cloud for their needs. With the ability to customize software for unique app requirements, bare-metal cloud may be the best option.

  • Three things that will kill your cloud

    The number of organizations moving data and applications to the cloud is rising, but so is the number of cloud failures. Here are the three leading causes of cloud death.

  • Data encrypting tactics for all stages of cloud

    Security remains a major concern for moving data to the cloud. Although data encryption provides protection, decisions need to be made regarding when, where and how to encrypt data heading to cloud.

  • How to go pro as a desirable cloud admin

    From keeping up with the cloud's evolution to quelling security concerns, cloud admins have their work cut out for them -- but if you can master these skills, you'll be a desirable candidate for th...

  • 99 problems, but is your cloud provider one?

    Public cloud providers come with the risk of vendor lock-in, poor service and other issues that can derail your hybrid cloud. However, having a backup plan in place rids you of those provider probl...

  • Four keys to tip-top cloud performance

    Cloud networks require a lot of maintenance and monitoring. However, simply throwing money at the problem is not the answer for poor performance.

  • Face inevitable failure with resilient cloud design

    Building a good house starts with a solid foundation, and a private cloud network is no different. Having a strong design can ensure its resiliency over the long term.

  • Cloud performance suffering at the hands of sprawl

    Overprovisioning cloud services is a huge issue for maintaining high performance. This sprawl needs to be scaled back to keep costs and performance in line.

  • Keeping all eyes on cloud performance

    Closely watching your private cloud network performance is important, but often overlooked. Finding the right monitoring tools can save you a lot of hassle.

  • Is cloud encryption the silver bullet against hackers?

    Retail shoppers expect their card information is secure, but recent hacker attacks at Target and Home Depot proved otherwise. Is cloud encryption the best weapon for fending off hackers?

  • Handicapping the PaaS providers' race

    When it comes to platform as a service, the usual suspects of Amazon, Microsoft and Google are at the top of the list -- but unique customer requirements complicate finding the best PaaS provider.

  • Public cloud doesn't mean public access for employees

    Security concerns lead to organizations blacklisting some public cloud services as they would certain websites -- but not all blacklisting is increasing productivity.

  • Fending off cloud hackers like whack-a-mole

    Cloud experts are fighting to protect cloud's good name following the recent iCloud hack, but public opinion is not easily swayed. However, cloud may not be hackers' primary target -- for now.

  • Searching for the elusive hybrid cloud

    With all the hype around hybrid cloud, many companies say they're using the model when they're really just using both public and private cloud. What makes it a true hybrid cloud?

  • What's the scoop on Apache Sqoop?

    Hadoop is becoming the popular enterprise choice for big data analytics, but getting your data there isn't so simple. Apache Sqoop is stepping in to help bring the vital data from your database to ...

  • Tools step in to overcome Hadoop struggles

    Hadoop is a top choice for big data analytics, but keeping up with the quickly evolving framework is a struggle. However, a variety of tools can simplify cloud admins' jobs.