DRaaS pricing lifts the burden of backup responsibilities

Disaster recovery is a topic as old as data centers themselves, but emerging technologies and applications are giving it new life.

In particular, disaster recovery as a service, based in the cloud, enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to protect their IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. That's the focus of this month's Modern Infrastructure cover story, which explores the benefits of DR in the cloud, or DRaaS. DR sites used to be reserved for only deep-pocketed companies and IT teams, but the cloud has been a great equalizer when it comes to disaster recovery.

The e-zine and this accompanying video also tackle these topics:

Colo pricing: Signing up for unnecessary capacity and features can send colocation costs through the roof. With a smart approach that addresses specific in-house challenges, you won't pay for more colo than you need.

Big data in the data center: Big data is powering a new generation of IT analytics tools that can troubleshoot infrastructure problems before they happen and help administrators make better decisions.

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Here's what else you'll find in Modern Infrastructure in this month's issue:

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