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3 best practices to manage SaaS subscriptions

Seemingly simple tools -- such as spreadsheets and work calendars -- can go a long way in helping IT teams keep track of SaaS billing and contract renewals.


Guide to creating a cloud migration testing strategy

Follow these guidelines to help craft a strategy for cloud migration testing, from key tests to run to common challenges and best practices -- and why everything involves security.


Why re:Invent 2021 spotlighted existing AWS products

Many of AWS' re:Invent announcements highlighted enhancements to existing products, rather than new services. Here's why the cloud provider took that route.


3 popular machine learning certifications to get in 2022

Google, AWS and Azure offer machine learning certifications for the cloud that can further your career. Learn what to expect from each exam, skills you need to know and study tips.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    private PaaS

    Private platform as a service (private PaaS) is software that facilitates development, deployment and operations for IT on a private infrastructure or behind a firewall.

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    cloud computing

    Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet.

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    Google Cloud operations (formerly Stackdriver)

    Google Stackdriver was a monitoring service that provided IT teams with performance data about applications and virtual machines (VMs) running on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services public cloud.

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