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Cut hybrid cloud costs with proper data placement

Enterprises that rely on public clouds are no stranger to egress traffic charges, but those costs can skyrocket when it comes to hybrid cloud data placement and usage.


Apptio boosts cloud cost optimization with Cloudability

Apptio looks to strengthen its cloud cost optimization services with the addition of Cloudability, as the industry continues to coalesce around hybrid and multi-cloud management.


Effective ways to contain your cloud spending

Are you getting your money's worth from your cloud provider? How do you know? Here are the things to do -- and not do -- to keep your cloud costs in check.


How to right-size your cloud computing bill

This guide looks at strategies and best practices for cloud cost savings. We'll focus on public clouds, although many of these tips apply to private and hybrid cloud architectures as well.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    multi-tenant cloud

    A multi-tenant cloud is a cloud computing architecture that allows customers to share computing resources in a public or private cloud. Each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.

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    Build a multi-cloud Kubernetes strategy

    IT teams can use Kubernetes to deploy and manage containerized workloads across multiple clouds -- but it's not the best approach for everyone. Look at the benefits and implementation options.

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    Top Azure IoT services you need to know

    With so many connected devices distributed across the globe, enterprises need a way to manage and monitor their IoT assets. See what Azure services are available to help.

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