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An overview of Amazon EC2 vs. AWS Lambda

EC2 and Lambda meet different needs in an AWS cloud environment -- but can also work together. The only limits are in the minds of cloud architects.

Break down the different AWS Graviton2 instance types

AWS Graviton2 processors power a range of EC2 instance types. To select the right one, consider an application's specific compute, memory and storage requirements.

3 best practices for Amazon S3 cost optimization

Everything a business runs in the cloud costs money, and AWS S3 storage is no exception. Smart AWS users understand how to adjust S3 storage levels to control costs.


Google adds hardware flexibility to distributed cloud

Google Distributed Cloud Edge, available in preview, takes the company's cloud computing infrastructure to the private data center, colocation facility or a remote location.

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Cloud computing Basics

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    vertical cloud

    A vertical cloud is a set of cloud computing services optimized for use in a particular industry, or for a specific business model.

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    multi-cloud strategy

    A multi-cloud strategy is the use of two or more cloud computing services.

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    cloud sprawl

    Cloud sprawl is the uncontrolled proliferation of an organization's cloud instances, services or providers.

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