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A beginner's guide to cloud computing basics

Cloud computing is complex. Use this infographic to understand the fundamentals, like how it contrasts with other computing models and the differences between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

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Review the top sessions from recent cloud conferences

Build your own cloud conference from home. Watch sessions from the past year to learn about modern application architecture, cloud security, machine learning and cost management.


Test your cloud knowledge: VMs vs. containers vs. serverless

Take this quiz to help guide your choice between virtual machines, containers and serverless functions. Identify the uses, features and services associated with each computing approach.


Cloud lock-in fears aren't as prevalent as you might think

Enterprises are using multiple clouds, but not because they're afraid of lock-in. See why they're being smarter about cloud selection and forgoing portability in favor of speed.

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Cloud computing Basics

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  • Building and maintaining a hybrid cloud

    HPE adds a little edge to its cloud services strategy

    HPE took another step toward being an as-a-service company with several new cloud services that the company claims make it easier for users to connect the cloud to edge devices.

  • SaaS support and licensing

    AWS Marketplace update eases SaaS contract changes

    Customers who buy software from ISVs through AWS Marketplace now have an easier way to update contract terms during the span of an existing agreement. The feature should help customers manage contract sprawl, analysts say.

  • Cloud pricing and cost optimization

    Cloud use spikes amid COVID-19 but IaaS costs remain stable

    Don't expect hyperscalers like AWS to profiteer from the COVID-19 pandemic. But enterprises must take extra precautions as they invest in cloud-based infrastructure and software, analysts say.