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Understanding cloud services: Public vs. private

In this cloud computing roundtable with experts from Novell, Forrester, ACS and Paragon, find out how enterprises perceive public cloud and private cloud.

This is part one of a four-part cloud computing roundtable featuring Technology Writer Carl Brooks and representatives from Novell, Forrester Research, ACS and Paragon Development Systems.

Understanding cloud services: Public vs. private
Interacting with cloud services: A management perspective
Is private cloud more than just virtualization?
Where is cloud computing in the marketplace?

IT departments have wished for elastic, self-service computing environments for years now, and cloud computing can be the answer to those dreams. But while the idea is tremendous, adopting and utilizing these private cloud and public cloud models can be tricky.

In part one of our roundtable with cloud makers, thinkers, practitioners and sellers, our experts compare public cloud and private cloud, along with discussing how enterprises should look at the broader issues surrounding cloud computing.

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Understanding cloud services: Public vs. private
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This was last published in October 2010

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