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At SearchCloudComputing.com, our handpicked team of independent editors and contributors, including renowned cloud industry expert David Linthicum, compile objective, detailed articles, features and tips that aim to break down the vendor hype surrounding all things cloud and provide valuable insights into key cloud trends and technologies.

As the cloud continues to gain traction across the IT industry, more and more vendors are entering the market, pushing their “one-size-fits-all” cloud solution suites, making it more difficult than ever for IT pros to evaluate their options and determine the right approach for their unique IT environment.

Should you utilize private, public or hybrid cloud technology? Which applications should you move to the cloud? How will cloud computing impact security and compliance? Should you use one vendor or a combination? How much does cloud cost? What are the management implications?

SearchCloudComputing.com provides answers to the critical questions and more to help you effectively weigh your options, see through cloud vendor hype, and develop the most appropriate cloud strategy, if any, for your organization.

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