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What cloud certifications can help me with my job security?

There's no denying cloud computing has changed the face of IT. Do you have the right certifications to evolve with your data center?

I've heard that cloud certifications can improve IT job security as more companies are moving to the cloud. Are...

there particular certification programs that I should look at?

Education has a tenuous place in IT. Every IT professional requires a level of formal education, but that education is rarely the reason for their original hiring or advancement. In addition, a large number of IT certifications are vendor- or product-based, tying the IT professional to particular vendors or their products, which is not always in the best interests of the business.

Cloud certifications are even more questionable because "cloud" is considered to be a hot topic, and myriad different providers offer certifications. Today there are more than 50 cloud-related certifications available from over a dozen vendors. It's hard to quantify the value of certifications in such a shifting landscape. Ultimately, education is beneficial, but you must be selective. Otherwise you can waste a tremendous amount of time and money on certifications with dubious benefit to the company.

The best strategy is usually to start with certifications that are considered vendor-neutral, such as CompTIA Cloud Essentials or offerings from the Cloud Security Alliance. Then you can pursue more specific training to match the vendor tools being deployed in-house. Just remember that most organizations value experience above education, so focus on matching the certification to the company's needs in order to add the greatest value to the company.

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