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Do cloud apps require less resources?

Learn how to get the business-side and DevOps on the same page when it comes to cloud app requirements.

My company has moved development into PaaS, primarily for better provisioning, and adopted some SaaS applications. Now, even though all of our applications are not in the cloud, the business-side thinks that using cloud means that the company needs less in-house IT. Meanwhile, we in DevOps still have to manage business services to the cloud, applications such as Web servers, databases, middleware platforms and so on. What are good ways to demonstrate to the business-side how much DevOps work cloud creates and how much remains?

Your business people are right. They have a right to expect that the cloud equates with money saved because cloud applications require less resources. If you are doing the same work and using the same resources in the cloud as you do in a conventional data center, something is wrong. You are not dealing with a true cloud service. Your cloud vendor should be doing the management, deployment, balancing and other jobs behind the scenes without your involvement. In the cloud, you should be focused on developing and deploying applications that give your business greater agility and enable it to enter new markets and take on new opportunities.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you took an ultra-conservative approach when you got your private cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS). You’ve only taken a conventional platform and put it in some other data center in the sky with the result that you’ve retained all of its shortcomings. 

Right now you’re probably saving a little money by accessing infrastructure in the sky but that’s not enough. I think you need to reconsider your cloud strategy.

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