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Is there an easy way to do SaaS CRM integration?

SaaS CRM integration is challenging, but can yield enormous benefits to enterprises and customers.

I use SaaS CRM software but am struggling to integrate it into my other systems, which are still on-premises. Is there any easy way to do SaaS CRM integration?

There are lots of ways to do this. Advanced vendors have good application program interfaces (APIs) that make this kind of integration easy. Also there are products that manage the integration (often a batch integration) including IBM's Cast Iron Systems and Dell's Boomi or Informatica Cloud. These products give you the ability to ensure your data is clean, connected and easily converted. Check with the vendors because they usually offer services that will make setup easy.

A big question we have to ask and answer is what are the other systems? Are they production systems that need to be updated many times per day or ERP systems that need updating on a more leisurely pace? The rate of update will be a determinant in the kind of integration and the product used to make it happen.

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