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Would third-party cloud cost analysis tools benefit my company?

Proprietary cloud cost analysis tools, such as Amazon CloudWatch, can help some companies, but sometimes a third party is needed.

Cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and third-party vendors such as Cloudyn promise the ability to identify ways to save money on my cloud bills. Do I need to supplement my cloud provider's tools with a third-party product?

Optimizing your use of cloud resources gets more challenging as you increase the quantity and variety of services used. Amazon CloudWatch monitors your compute, storage and other service usage, and reports on preselected metrics. It also supports alerts to notify you when one of the metrics crosses a threshold you define. The Estimated Charges function in Amazon CloudWatch is especially helpful for projecting your monthly costs.

Amazon's monitoring features are sufficient for short-term management tasks, but third-party services such as Cloudyn and Cloudability provide more in-depth analysis and recommendations. Cloudyn, for example, has a reserved instance tool that makes recommendations for RI use and allows for what-if scenario analysis. Cloudability offers consolidated analytics and multicloud cost reporting.

Third-party cloud cost analysis tools can do a better job of identifying inefficiencies in your cloud usage. If you experience low CPU utilization, storing too many versions of Amazon Simple Storage Service objects, or over-provisioning reserved instances, then third-party tools can help you identify and optimize those services. If you have well defined, stable use cases and you have already optimized your architecture, then using Amazon CloudWatch free monitoring may be sufficient for your needs.

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