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Cloud and application integration roundup

Integration is one of the key issues that arises for companies considering or using the cloud. Cloud app integration is central to cloud computing because it enables different programs to share data, but it is difficult to do well.

Executive site editor Jan Stafford recently wrote about the mistakes made and strategy needed for dealing with cloud integration. Stafford’s blog post focuses on the highlights from interviews with two Gartner analysts, emphasizing the need for enterprise architects to be well-versed on integration.

If that’s you or you’re looking for more information on application integration and cloud integration, has published several articles about integration in the last couple of months. Recent tips and features provide information on integration basics, tools and more.

Part of the difficulty of integration is that the need for it is so pervasive in the cloud world. Integration takes place in the following use cases: integration platform as a service (iPaaS) providers, cloud to cloud, cloud to integrator to cloud, or within a hybrid cloud.

IPaaS, one of the solutions to integration issues, also makes things more complicated. New iPaaS and other integration providers emerge every quarter. With so many integration tools to choose from, IT decision-makers need to invest time to assess the market. Recent tool reviews on might be a good starting point for your research.

Integration is hard, but it isn’t impossible. If you’ve been running into issue after issue, don’t despair. Remember that other companies have had success with integration. Sometimes the best advice isn’t from an expert pontificating on a subject but from IT professionals who have toiled with the technology that makes integration possible.

For those who are doing a deep dive on the subject, check out this essential guide on cloud app integration with even more information on basics, tools, strategy and iPaaS. Once you’re done, check out our quiz on cloud integration solutions, and test your knowledge on the subject.

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