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CloudBees aims to solve public/private cloud dilemma with new PaaS

Enterprises searching for the benefits of platform as a service but uncertain over what cloud models to pursue are being given a new option.

AnyCloud, a Java platform as a service released yesterday by CloudBees, can be deployed in any cloud environment, public or private, as well as in on-premise data centers. Enterprises with regulatory and compliance concerns, especially in the European market, are now allowed greater control over what data goes into the public cloud, what stays on-premise and what geographic region an application runs in.

“We’ve talked to a lot of customers and we have enterprises using our stuff and there are some barriers of adoption to PaaS in the enterprise – people can’t get all their apps into the cloud, they can’t get their data out there,” said Steve Harris, senior vice president of products at CloudBees. Harris said that people are forced into a “false dilemma” between having to go all in on public or private cloud.

AnyCloud does not need to be installed in a data center like other PaaS models. Instead of installed PaaS software managed in one data center, AnyCloud’s stack is managed remotely across any environments – cloud or on-premise — that are being used. Applications can be deployed in any environment, with the technical issues of integration handled on the back end.

“When you deploy an application, you bind the services you are going to use and those services have resources and so on,” Harris said. “That communication is done under the covers through a service bus approach.”

Harris stresses that CloudBees is avoiding overusing the term “hybrid cloud,” instead focusing on delivering the platform as a service

“There are solutions for private cloud infrastructure so you can more easily use resources in an elastic manner at an infrastructure level,” Harris said, adding that in many cases all private cloud amounts to is virtualization with a better user interface.

Harris emphasized that part of the goal of AnyCloud is to eliminate the thinking that enterprises have to take an all or nothing approach when it comes to cloud. He uses security as an example.

“I think it helps to address [security] in the sense that your existing resources, your existing policies that you have in terms of security can be more easily meshed with a cloud-based approach, a PaaS approach, rather than it sort of being all or nothing,” he said.

— By Adam Riglian

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