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Denodo releases free data virtualization tool

Denodo Express, a free data virtualization tool with a graphical user interface-based studio, is the latest product offered by Denodo Technologies, Inc. Denodo Express connects with and integrates on-premises, in the cloud, structured, unstructured and big data sources. These sources are then delivered and available to end users, as well as enterprise applications, dashboards, portals, Intranet, search and other tools.

“Denodo Express is designed for those data architects that are tired of being a prisoner to archaic data integration methods or are just generally frustrated at not being able to leverage the true value of their data,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, senior VP of Denodo.

Denodo Express cuts down on the wait time developers often face when they want to integrate data. Along with integration of disparate sources, Denodo Express also performs abstraction; query optimization; caching; extract, transform and load batch scheduling; and data services publishing.

With this new product, Denodo, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif., seeks to eliminate the need for developers to search for and interpret data on their own. Instead, “Denodo Express [delivers it] to them in the format that they prefer, be that [structured query language] for [business intelligence] and reporting tools, Web services for Web and mobile applications, Web parts for SharePoint integration, etc.” said Chandrasekaran.

Denodo Express is free and available for download on the company’s website. The download gives users access to the product for an annual, renewable term. There are no time limits on using Denodo Express; however, the product is best used for smaller projects, such as personal or departmental projects. Once customers want to use Denodo’s data virtualization on an enterprise level, it is recommended that they upgrade to the Denodo Platform, which is not free. Customers interested in the expanded service should contact Denodo for pricing information.

Customers also have access to free educational support when they download Denodo Express. There are tutorials and videos from Denodo experts, as well as online community-based support. Further training courses are fee-based and available online and offline.

The product was released on September 29, 2014.