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HP keeps the tools coming; this time for continuous testing

It’s becoming apparent that 2015 is a year in which we’re being showered with cloud and mobile development tools from all sides. It seems new tools are being announced weekly. One of the companies that has become quite aggressive is HP. That’s a really good thing to see. I hadn’t been sure what HP wanted to be, but the company is clearly going back to its roots as a supporter of developers and development technology.

Following other tools announcements earlier this year, the company in June launched HP LeanFT,  a new functional test automation solution. It allows software developers and testers to leverage continuous testing and continuous delivery. This means you can rapidly build, test, and deliver secure applications. This is exactly the sort of thing that is increasingly important as organizations strive to achieve faster time to market without sacrificing quality. While “fail fast and fix” does have its devotees and may be fine for non-critical consumer-oriented entertainment apps, it’s not going to embraced by developers of corporate and commercial apps that have no room for error.

Someone who had hands-on with LeanFT during its development is Jonathon Wright, director of testing and quality assurance at Hitachi. “With Agile and DevOps, there is a strong focus on continuous testing and continuous delivery. This means there is more emphasis on testing much earlier in the software development lifecycle,” he said.  He’s certainly right about the testing aspect. “HP LeanFT is built for continuous integration and continuous testing to help software developers and testers rapidly build, test, and deliver secure, high-quality applications.”

Well, sure, there’s a little marketing-speak in that last sentence, but Wright is corroborating the theme I’m hearing more often: continuous testing and continuous delivery rules the day. HP designed this to fit into existing ecosystems (such as Microsoft TFS, GIT, and Subversion) and frameworks that support test driven and behavior driven development.

To simplify testing, LeanFT provides project templates for standard unit-testing frameworks, including NUnit, MSTest and Junit. The idea is to improve collaboration and alignment between software developers and test automation engineers. And let’s face it, we’ve probably all seen situations where that collaboration can use a little boost. What HP is aiming for is a reduction in the time needed to test applications. That, in turn, should help developers to predict and identify defects earlier in the software development lifecycle.

HP LeanFT is currently scheduled for availability in July. HP Unified Functional Testing 12.5 and HP Business Process Testing 12.5 will also be available in July. It will be interesting to see what else HP has up its sleeve.