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HP repositions, upgrades cloud offerings

Hewlett-Packard is repositioning itself in the cloud market today with the announcement of a series of improvements, upgrades and new products under its Converged Cloud banner.

If the move is anything, it’s comprehensive. HP makes it clear that it’s trying to accommodate all comers into the cloud market and is willing to guide them through any cloud implementation — public, private or hybrid. Initial reactions from some analysts suggest HP is late to the party when it comes to cloud and that this move represents another attempt to close the gap with competitors.

“HP is playing catch-up regarding its overall cloud strategies and solutions, including its new Service Virtualization 2.0 and private cloud management capabilities, and how it is working with partners to build private clouds for its customers,” said Jeff Kaplan, managing director of Wellesley, Mass., consultancy THINKstrategies.

Service Virtualization 2.0 is the most crucial component of the new package for developers. With it, HP has created a testing environment for developers that allows them to test from the get-go, a system upgrade that accounts for the real need for agility in most enterprises.

“It fundamentally provides the glue necessary for development teams to create their own clouds,” said Matt Morgan, senior director of product marketing for applications at HP. “You can re-establish business as usual for a software development shop. They can build a plan that lets them test on day one.”

Morgan touted 25 new features in Service Virtualization 2.0, with some of the highlights being a full RST stack, XML protocol capability, protocol stacks with multiple end points, Ajax, the ability to classify response times to change response rates, server management capability and a new user interface.

He also cited new application lifecycle intelligence technology as a key selling point for developers. Through one platform, developers can perform ALM tasks while engaging others using new social collaboration tools, which include new dashboards and mobile and tablet apps.

“At the end of the day, everything is about agility, and the social collaboration is just a facilitated agility,” Morgan said.

— Adam Riglian

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