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OpDemand integrates with GitHub, Puppet Labs

Private beta users gave cloud infrastructure management tool OpDemand plenty to do before its general availability launch on Monday. Integrate with social coding repository GitHub and give us more to look at on the user interface dashboard, they demanded.

OpDemand complied. Chief Technology officer Gabriel Monroy says that OpDemand’s platform is now “tightly integrated” with GitHub, offering single-click signup for GitHub users and other improvements that make it “as easy as possible to go from GitHub into the cloud.” He adds that the UI has been upgraded to a real-time interface that gives users a detailed look at what is going in in the guts of the system with little latency.

“We call OpDemand platforms platforms for a reason,” Monroy said. “They are application-centric and offer users the benefits of a PaaS but with control of managing your own infrastructure. Really it’s about masking complexity and making things simple for users without taking away control.”

Last year, profiled an online art gallery that used OpDemand to reduce IT costs by 40%. The galleries vice president of engineering cited OpDemand’s simple interface, easy configuration and infrastructure templates as the reason he picked the startup over more established competitors.

Monroy said that OpDemand, which currently supports Amazon but is planning on expanding to other clouds, has grown its template library to the point where it now incorporates things beyond just managing servers.

He cited elastic load balancing, virtual networking infrastructure, relational database as a service and autoscaling as Amazon offerings that don’t fit into an often server-centric view of cloud computing.

“None of those things are servers but they are essential to working in the cloud,” Monroy said.

He added that they have also beefed up configuration management, what Monroy calls the “future of system administration.” Integrating with Puppet Labs, an IT service automation software designed for system administrators, users are now able to apply policies across all systems rather than logging into them individually to make changes.

“It’s really a necessity when you’re managing complex environments in the cloud,” he said.

As far as the future, Monroy expects the next step for OpDemand will be expanding to other public clouds, citing OpenStack as a likely next step, as well as mentioning the emergence of HP into the market.

“We chose Amazon at this point because they offer the best technology, the most stable and mature IaaS offering, but that’s beginning to change,” he said.

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