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OpenStack: Catching up with Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski

Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski endured my clumsiness with the camera tripod and microphone setup to deliver a compelling conversation on his company’s OpenStack evangelizing and partnership with Dell.

Mirantis is an OpenStack engineering service company, but what sets it apart from some other professional services organizations is that they don’t believe in value added offerings.

Renski made it a point to note that Mirantis isn’t interested in making a product out of its OpenStack expertise. He plans on sticking to the “vanilla” distribution of OpenStack and focusing instead on conquering the biggest barrier he sees to OpenStack adoption – it’s moving too fast.

He says that some enterprises he works with are running in production on OpenStack Cactus, while OpenStack is now several releases ahead with Essex and another new release, Folsom, is not too far down the road.

To deal with the speed of this, Renski believes that Mirantis is best suited in guiding enterprises through the updating and upgrading process in a non-disruptive way by doing things incrementally. The approach is called infrastructure as code, which he likened to devops for infrastructure.

Mirantis partnered with Dell on developing Crowbar, a management tool that helps users deploy OpenStack.

“This is a vision we very much share with Dell,” Renski said.

It would be remiss not to mention Renski’s sense of humor. Moscow-born, Renski has been wearing a t-shirt that says “In Soviet Russia, cloud deploy you!” at the conference.

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