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Oracle shows new cloud attitude at OOW 2015

Looking back at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, all one can see is clouds. “Cloud, cloud, cloud” was the conference summation by 451 Research analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe. The interesting thing about the cloud theme, he added, was that no one, not even Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, was saying “jump on the cloud now.” Instead, Oracle came to town with a cloud transition message.

Sure, Oracle was pushing its cloud technologies, but OOW 2015 keynote speakers largely talked about cloud strategies, said Pelz-Sharpe, 451 research director for social business. This stance was refreshingly realistic and rare in the realm of vendor conferences.

Pelz-Sharpe opines on Oracle’s cloud and Java strategies in this video interview with Jan Stafford, SearchCloudApps executive editor.

TechTarget’s coverage of OOW 2015 supports Pelz-Sharpe’s description of Oracle’s cloud and cloud strategy focus there. For example, Ellison touted Oracle’s cloud services in his keynote, but he also stressed that Oracle and its customers just getting started in adopting cloud services.

To help customers ease legacy applications and development platforms into the hybrid cloud, Oracle touted its Java Standard Edition (SE) Cloud Service and Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS). The new SE Cloud Service is a cloud-based platform for Java development that provides the means to move Java SE 7 and 8 applications onto the Oracle cloud platform. Oracle ICS is an application integration PaaS that facilitates point-and-click usage of several Oracle integration suites, including SOA and API management cloud services.

Oracle users do need help with adopting cloud, because cloud will bring substantive changes their entire enterprise environment, said Melissa English, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) in an OOW 2015 interview with SearchOracle reporter Jessica Sirkin. Indeed, English said, many Oracle users are asking if they have to implement cloud at all. She appreciated OOW speakers’ focus on the benefits of the cloud, which pieces of the cloud to start with and other how-to, why-to, when-to adopt cloud topics.

What OOW 2015 didn’t bring was big news about Java strategies, said Pelz-Sharpe. Check out this video to hear his views on why and why this fact doesn’t belittle Java’s importance.