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Parse shutdown: Alternatives are asking for your business

I’ve been writing opinion columns for various technology publications for more than a quarter century. Rarely have I seen anything touch a nerve to the degree of Facebook’s coming shutdown of the Parse mobile back-end as a service.

One thing that’s great to know is that developers are watching out for each other, offering up ideas for alternative services. As my own service, here’s a digest of some of what has crossed my inbox during the last week. Which are good, bad, or ugly products and services? That’s up to you to decide for your own mobile development projects.

Nimble Parse is a Parse-compatible API service from Nimble Stack that starts at $10 a month, including a half gig of memory and unlimited data. Its offers three service levels up to 2 GB of memory.

William Hoang, a mobile developer advocate at Couchbase, has written a blog piece with code fragments that demonstrates migration of a Parse app to Couchbase Mobile, backed by Digital Ocean.

Appcelerator, another mobile app development platform, feels your pain. To help, director of product architecture Rick Blalock is hosting a webcast on Feb. 17 to walk through a comparison of Parse and Appcelerator Arrow, showing how to migrate platforms and answer questions.

Syncano is a start-up that touts itself as a platform for creating serverless apps. In her blog post, Sara Cowie shares your sadness and confusion. The company is ready to provide its entire portfolio of features free for six months, including a dedicated support team to guide developers through the migration process.

GameSparks, another back-end services that seems to target developers of gaming apps, wants to provide you with an alternative integrated toolset for building, tuning, and managing server-side components.

I was contacted by, yet another MBaaS, that appears to have more of an enterprise slant to its offerings. You can check it out and get started for free, though the pricing chart was in euros.

Other alternatives exist. These are the first few that reached out to me. No doubt we’ll all be looking into this a lot more in the next few months. Parse shuts down on Jan 28, 2017. Don’t wait. Start now. And share with us your woes, your outrage, and your plans.