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Popular cloud application tweets in 2014

Based on a list of the most popular tweets by this year, twitter users were interested in a variety of cloud application topics, from integration to mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) to automation. Here are five of the most clicked on tweets and the articles they referenced.

The above tweet linked to a feature on how mobile developers view building and buying backends. The tweet was the most popular of 2014, and the link grossed 179 clicks. The quote in this tweet reflects the opinion that investing in a backend service is more cost-effective than building an application’s back end. Companies in certain industries, however, may want to avoid MBaaS for compliance reasons. Check out the story for more specifics from developers who have carefully considered if MBaaS is right for their companies.

When integration platform as a service (iPaaS) began to pop up in the cloud app world, there was some confusion over what the service provided customers. Some of that confusion remains because iPaaS is still nascent. When shared our definition of the term, different tweets with a link to the article where clicked on several times and retweeted a handful of times. The definition is a good starting point for those who are unfamiliar with iPaaS, as well as developers in need of a refresher.

Automation is a tricky but appealing part of IT. For companies that are able to automate some of their processes, automation can save time and money.’s third most clicked on tweet of 2014 was about how cloud computing company Strategic SaaS adopted automated migration software to upgrade the company’s operation, a good case study for other companies considering automation.

Integration appears for the second time on this list with the above tweet, which was the fourth most popular tweet by this year. The tip linked to in this tweet provided readers with information on some common and useful tools for cloud app integration. Covering iPaaS and software as a service vendors, this tip reviews some new products that readers might find useful to their companies.

MBaaS joins integration as the reoccurring topics in the top five tweets of the year. This feature highlighted in the tweet above examined an MBaaS success story. It’s another good read for mobile developers, particularly those who are struggling with handling the back end of their applications.

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