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Reports reveal realities, struggles behind cloud adoption

Twenty-one percent of respondents to a survey by Gigaom Research said they use the cloud to develop enterprise applications. The technology research company recently published the results of three different surveys in a report by analyst George Crump called, “Shadow IT: data protection and cloud security.”

The low percentage of developers creating applications in the cloud may be due to some of the inherent issues of using cloud. The surveys polled software-application developers and other IT workers and decision makers on a variety of cloud practices and issues, including what their top cloud concerns are. Security, performance, learning cloud-related skills, cost and support were the highest ranked, with security well in the lead.

Incidentally, employees may pose the greatest security risk to cloud adopters. Employees commit more than 70% of unauthorized data access, whether accidentally or intentionally. Employees also knowingly use unauthorized cloud applications. Eighty-one percent said they use SaaS applications without IT approval.

Another key finding of the report was that companies use many cloud instances. Of the companies surveyed, 32% said they have more than 50 cloud machine instances in production. An additional 30% use one to ten clouds, and 23% use 11 to 50.

A recent report by Forrester Consulting confirmed this multi-cloud reality. About 83% of respondents struggle with compiling their disparate cloud services, according to the report, which was commissioned by Quincy, Mass.-based software company Infosys.

The report, “Simplify and innovate the way you consume cloud,” also highlighted user experience as a hurdle to working in the cloud. Between 60% and 70% of survey respondents said they are concerned/very concern about the following: the complexity of managing and governing hybrid cloud, that application performance metrics such as availability and speed will be negatively affected in the cloud, and that integration with other applications will be difficult.

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