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SOASTA's Lounibos talks iOS6, mobile predictions

Get ready, because it is coming. Developers are currently working through the kinks of its third beta, but iOS 6 will be here in the fall and enterprises are starting to take notice.

With roughly 200 new features in iOS6, including Apple’s highly publicized move away from Google Maps, is creating problems for developers who are frantically trying to figure the new world out before iOS6 goes live.

“So many of the developers use some form of GPS and mapping in their system, getting familiar with the Apple way of doing things is kind of a big deal,” Tom Lounibos said.

Lounibos is the CEO of SOASTA, a test automation company that is focused heavily in mobile app development. SOASTA’s new TouchTest platform, which allows for test automation on a large number of devices and accounts for new user interfaces like Jester, is designed to increase the availability of mobile test. He cited an IDC report that stated 80% of testing is done manually in mobile, mainly because there are so many different devices.

“Most of our customers have had to do manual testing, and they’re getting to the point where there are too many points of failure to keep up with,” he said.

From his perspective, the 6.3 beta of iOS is looking to be more stable than previous releases and the new features, especially the visualization and mapping ones, have developers in his circle excited.

“The user experience is changing. You used to have one-dimensional cool stuff like maps. Now instead of looking at a map while you’re driving, you can talk to Siri about that map,” he said, adding that he thinks this is just the beginning. He cited machine-to-machine interfaces as a rapidly changing segment that will forever alter the application world.

He also speculated that a world where applications are no longer tied to devices is soon at hand. He envisions things as futuristic as map applications popping up on car windows as being within reach.

“We’re just at the beginning of some enormous changes in the way people will interact with applications,” he said.

Lounibos had some other thoughts on the mobile app world and the issues facing it.

On Windows’ entry into mobile

“The question mark has been out there and with RIM being in whatever limbo they have been in, it’s caused a big opening for someone else to come in and be number three.”

“I think Microsoft is making some good news. I think Windows has a big following and a big developer community already in place; I think the tablet announcement has been big.”

APIs and the companies putting them out

“A lot of brand names where you would say ‘Are they still in business?’–all of sudden you see their API strategy. You’re going to see a lot of old-school brands jumping the shark.”

On cloud computing

“I really believe cloud computing is a byproduct of mobile, and not the other way around.”

Lounibos’ predictions

  • The mobile development market, meaning build/test/deploy/manage or mobile PaaS, is looking to be a $100 billion market.
  •  Believes that mobile apps will hit 2 million by the end of the year, up from an estimated 800,000 apps currently.
  •  Predicts that the most growth in mobile apps will be in enterprise mobile because “they jumped in late.

— Adam Riglian, @AdamRiglian

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