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SaaS app puts spotlight on corporate tickets

Three former employees of ticket-reseller StubHub have come together to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that helps enterprises track the use of corporate tickets and apply analytics to determine their business value for driving sales.

Calabasas, Calif.-based SpotlightTMS (or ticket management solution) CEO and co-founder Tony Knopp said the application is similar to the American Express travel portal in that it is a one-stop shop to manage all of a company’s corporate sports and entertainment tickets. He said he and his co-founders, Joe Greiner and Aric Haut, came up with the idea after realizing how many corporate tickets go unused every year because employees simply don’t know about them.

The application has the look of a Salesforce dashboard, with more than 200 reports for usage rates, such the return on investment per ticket as well as who uses what tickets. While the application stands on its own, it can also be integrated with Salesforce to gain additional analytic insight. Knopp expects that sort of backend integration to continue, mentioning Microsoft Outlook as a possible next step.

Knopp said that while many people are using the application to help drive business or to check on top sales performers and how they are using corporate tickets, others are using the technology to make sure they are compliant with government regulations and to prevent fraud.

“We had one person who was responsible for their [company’s] NBA suite, and they had a suite with 20 tickets per game,” Knopp said. “He would take the suite every year, take 20 games out of it and go to the BMW dealership and trade them for a car.”

That employee committed fraud for eight years and wasn’t caught until there was an audit.

“The majority use the compliant reports so they know exactly who is in what seat at all times, so if [they] get audited, [they] know,” he said.

SpotlightTMS is available to try for free for two months, but its pay structure is a departure from a traditional SaaS vendor.

“We don’t charge per user, because we feel like that disincentives the company,” he said.

Instead, he said they charge by what he calls “ticket buckets.” Enterprises are charged between $12.99 and $10,000 per month, depending on the number of tickets the application will manage.

— By Adam Riglian

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