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What the heck are people doing on business trips?

Ever wonder what happens to loved ones on business trips? New survey data suggests stopping — it’s nothing good.

ON24, a San Francisco-based virtual events company, sponsored research with Harris Poll that suggests a large percentage of business travelers would rather stay home — even if some are having a little too much fun on the road.

“We’ve seen dislike for business travel escalate and in our last study, it was well over 90%,” said Tricia Heinrich, director of strategic communications at ON24. “What we uncovered is this infringement on personal lives. That is what has underlined this dislike of business travel.”

The wide majority of respondents, 85%, felt that work was a major infringement on personal time, while 91% said that spending too much time away from home because of work could have serious consequences.

Some of those consequences might relate to the bad behavior respondents reported engaging in on the road. Drinking too much alcohol was the most common vice with 71% of respondents pleading guilty. Others ate fatty foods (53%), spent too much money (54%), gave up on exercise (43%) or went to bed too late (42%).

Those really in trouble were the 66% that reported cheating on a spouse and the 31% who said they engaged in illicit drug use on the road. ON24 has compiled a website letting weary travelers contribute horror stories from the road.

ON24’s software aims to eliminate a lot of these problems with virtual events and webcasting. The company’s service is used for company meetings, user conferences and training.

“People just want more control over their schedule and their life, they hate to waste time, everybody is busy. It’s just more convenient to do many things online,” Heinrich said. “We’re not advocating the replacement of all face-to-face meetings, it’s just what make sense for your audience and your objective.”

Let these stats serve as a warning to anyone attending Dreamforce, OpenWorld or a Gartner Symposium.And if you can’t make it to Dreamforce, follow our live coverage at

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[...] dislike of business travel.” - Tricia Heinrich, chief marketing offer of ON24, explaining why business travelers would rather stay at home instead of going on business trips. Over 85% of respondents felt work is a major infringement on [...]