Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy

PaaS and other cloud development platforms

  • Parse shutdown: Alternatives are asking for your business

    Joel Shore - News Writer 10 Feb 2016
  • Rarely have I seen anything touch a nerve to the degree of Facebook's coming shutdown of the Parse mobile back-end as a service. Developers are watching out for each other, offering up ideas for ...

  • Gaming as a service -- GaaS

    Joel Shore - News Writer 16 Dec 2015
  • 'Tis the yuletide season, so let's have a little fun today. Let's talk about games on the cloud. Not surprisingly, cloud gaming platforms are here. It's a GaaS. It's Gaming as a Service. You've ...

  • Ready or not, Microsoft PowerApps is here

    Joel Shore - News Writer 30 Nov 2015
  • Microsoft today launched Microsoft PowerApps, a major new platform that lets anyone build cross-platform mobile applications. Anyone. And for now, it's free. Love or hate it, this latest salvo in ...

  • Red Hat's OpenShift Enterprise 3 PaaS gets a formal launch

    Joel Shore - News Writer 26 Jun 2015
  • Stand in any hallway during the Red Hat Summit in Boston this week, and you were likely to hear the c-word. Containers. And the d-word, too. Docker. Those two words seemed to get people more revved ...