The Troposphere

July 2009

  • Cloud computing surfaces in local politics

    Carl Brooks - TechTarget 27 Jul 2009
  • In a demonstration of cloud computing’s increasing stature in the real world, Washington state freshman state representative Reuven Carlyle called for scrapping a $300 million data center in favor ...

  • Rackspace opens cloud APIs to the masses

    Carl Brooks - TechTarget 22 Jul 2009
  • Speaking at the open-source hippie lovefest OSCON today, Rackspace made good today on last week's report that it would open-source its APIs. Rackspace released the API specification under the ...

  • Big Week In The Clouds

    John Willis 17 Jul 2009
  • Most weeks are pretty cloudy for me these days. However, this one was chock-filled with exciting stuff. In case you missed any, here goes... Rackspace Cloud API Rackspace has three cloud offerings, ...

  • Windows Azure pricing vs. Amazon AWS

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 14 Jul 2009
  • Microsoft has released its pricing for Azure today. It’s tough to do an apples-to-apples comparison with Amazon AWS because they are different technical models, but the CPU service seems like it ...

  • The Curious Case of CloudSwitch

    John Willis 13 Jul 2009
  • A few days ago I had a call with Ellen Rubin, one of the co-founders of a new cloud startup called Cloudswitch.  Cloudswitch recently closed an $8M Series B funding from Commonwealth Capital ...

  • AWS growth info exposed

    Steve Cimino - TechTarget 13 Jul 2009
  • We recently came upon some photos displaying, in fancy picture form, the growth of Amazon Web Services in terms of bandwidth usage and objects stored in Amazon S3. The results are impressive, as ...

  • Infrastructure as Code

    John Willis 13 Jul 2009
  • A few weeks ago I attended Velocity "09" in San Jose, Ca. One of the sessions used a phrase that I had never seen before and it stung me like a bee. In fact, in my opinion, this new phrase ...

  • Microsoft nabs domain for Office Online?

    Carl Brooks - TechTarget 10 Jul 2009
  • Veteran virtual collaboration software vendor ContactOffice has given up its prime post over the domain, possibly in favor of Microsoft, which is rumored to be announcing its Google Docs ...

  • Paglo goes whole hog to lift log fog; this blog agog

    Carl Brooks - TechTarget 08 Jul 2009
  • Cloud-based IT management provider Paglo has busted out with an interesting twist on managing network log files: Google-style browser search, cross referenced over time. Paglo says it's the first ...

  • AppEngine follows Rackspace's lead, barfs all over the place

    Carl Brooks - TechTarget 02 Jul 2009
  • Google's vanguard platform service AppEngine has fallen down , hot on the heels of Rackspace's storied hot mess on Monday Follow the real-time nerd outrage on, what else, Twitter. A Google ...