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Abiquo lines up more VC dough, releases v1.7

On route to the Cloud Computing Expo this week, I ducked into Abiquo’s offices in Redwood City to catch up with CEO, Pete Malcolm.

By the end of the year he said the cloud management startup will pull in a second round of venture capital funding to add to the $5.1 million raised in March, 2010. His lips were sealed on the amount, but it will be enough to see the company through 2011/12. 

Abiquo has 35 employees and somewhere between 10 and 50 customers using its cloud provisioning and automation software. Most of these are hosting companies, like BlueFire in Australia, which use the software as an enabling technology to sell more advanced cloud infrastructure services to its customers.

Enterprises have tested the software and Malcolm expects real deployments next year, once the budget for it kicks in. He said most companies did not have cloud in their budget in 2010 but will in 2011.

Abiquo just released the fourth version of its cloud management software, Abiquo 1.7, available in 45 days. The biggest new feature is a policy engine that allows organizations to allocate virtual resources based on different business and IT considerations including governance, security, compliance and cost — as well as a variety of utilization models. The business rules can be applied at multiple levels, and customized for individual physical data centers, racks, servers and storage, as well as virtual enterprises and virtual data centers.

CA, VMware, and Eucalyptus among many others are all vying for the same market as Abiquo, and it looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a crucial year for gaining market share.

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