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Citrix and Amazon hop into mindbending infinite-loop bed together

We’re sensing someone had an office pool going on “alliteration they could get away with” for this slug line: “Citrix Announces Citrix C3 Lab Built on Amazon Web Services to Connect Cloud Computing to the Corporate Datacenter”.

Anyways, what the mess of ess’ and clatter of consonants means is that Citrix, as part of its big show this week is announcing their Citrix’ XenApp software is now available for rent, from AWS, to run Citrix servers on Amazon’s cloud.

C3 stands for Citrix Cloud Center, their management suite for IaaS providers.

That’s the Citrix Citrix Cloud Center Lab, for those who collect poorly thought out product names.

The brain-pain part comes from the fact that Amazon itself runs its cloud on Xen, so a customer of Citrix Citrix would, technically, be using XenApps to use Xen virtual machines to manage and deploy public cloud resources to their customers as a customer using public cloud resources running on Xen virtual machines.

Hey, that may be great and just what C3 users want and it may work just fine, but it’s a hell of a rabbit hole to send your data down, ontologically speaking. We’re not prejudiced, we’re just trying to keep up.

Also, according to the article published today by News Director Alex Barrett, you’ll be able to do it all from your iPhone. I think they should call the app, “DRINK ME”, but no-one reads anymore, they’ll never get it.

This is doubtless targeted at developers who want to play with Citrix distributed computing offerings, and the odd IT shop that wants to offer Citrix AND call itself “cloud” and can’t afford its own data center.

Really, though, it’s just another way of proving that Amazon’s cloud model is still the top of heap. Oracle, IBM, now Citrix, and others are essentially opening Amazon storefronts, only it’s buzzword-friendly grid computing instead of baby clothes and lawn sprinklers. Amazon doesn’t care- they have a two and a half year leap on everyone else wanting to offer public cloud instances, the best distribution channel extant and plenty of headroom. All they have to do is make space, keep the lights on, let their little playfriends from the middleware/manageware classroom play in their pool, and rake in the dough.

I’ll scrape together some time soon and poke around, see how good a job Citrix has done making this work and post some screenshots and an update in a day or so. Just a head’s up, ladies and gentlemen: I may never been seen again.

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