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Cloud tidbits from the 451 Group Client Conference

Duncan Johnston-Watt, the CEO of stealthy upstart Cloudsoft Corp. gave the first presentation on his new company at the 451 Group’s Client Conference in Boston today.

“I like to say you’re not doing more with less; you’re doing nothing,” he said, speaking of the shift to cloud computing. “You will own less and less of the infrastructure and care only about what business services you need.”

Cloudsoft is building a product that uses patented mediated routing IP from Enigmatec Corp, Johnson-Watt’s previous company. Called MarketMaker, the product will provide mediation as a service for service providers looking to get into the online auction, betting or brokerage and bookings businesses. “You want to be able to move mediation from one cloud to another to forefill orders  …  to move order books around to provide a guaranteed performance level and predictable behavior,” he said.

The name of the company, which implies it intends to be the Microsoft of the cloud, is no accident. “What is the Microsoft Office of the cloud … what are the essential business services you need from the cloud?” Johnston-Watt said. That’s where he believes cloud computing will get interesting.

Meanwhile, keeping it real, William Fellows, principal analyst and co-founder of the 451 Group  said cultural and organizational issues concerning power, trust, control and ownership are the biggest barriers to adoption of cloud services by enterprise IT. He also believes that the contractual language is not there yet for service-level agreements that meet compliance regulations. But Fellows insisted that  IT should not dismiss the trend. “Just understand what it’s good for.”

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Jo Maitland is the biggest hypocrite in the industry. She lives in the parasitic underbelly of the data storage world. It must be nice to sit comfortably on the sidelines sucking the life out of hardworking men and women who are actually dare to get in the game.
Mary.... [B]your[/B] contribution to this blog post reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes: "At no point in your incoherent rambling did you even create a rational thought, let alone answer the question. All of us are now dumber having listened to your response. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." -Billy Madison ... it must be nice to sit comfortably on the sidelines? That's funny, from this post I'm pretty sure Maitland mentioned she was at a conference, which would mean that she was side by side with IT professionals and a few other journalists with the idea that reporting on a conference will help others who couldn't get the time off from work to gain some perspective on the evolving technology field, and maybe spark an intelligent conversation. Funny that someone would want to do that. ...have a nice day :)