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CloudSwitch launches v2.0

Startup, CloudSwitch has released version 2.0 of its software that lets enterprise users connect their private data centers with cloud computing services and crucially, extends their internal security policies into the cloud.

With CloudSwitch, applications remain integrated with enterprise data center tools and policies, and are managed as if they were running locally, the company claims.

The new features in Enterprise 2.0 include:

Provisioning of new virtual machines in the cloud (in addition to migration of existing ones), through:

– Network boot support
– ISO support (CD-ROM/DVD)

Web services and command-line interfaces for programmatic scaling to meet peak demands. Broader networking options to extend enterprise network topologies into the cloud:
– Layer-2 connectivity with option for Layer-3 support through software-based firewall/load balancing in the cloud
– Public IP access to cloud resources with full enterprise control
– Multi-subnet support

Enhanced user interface support for better scalability, control and ease of use
Broader geographic coverage (Terremark vCloud Express & eCloud, Amazon EC2 East, West, EU and Asia Pacific regions) .

CloudSwitch officials said the company has landed pharmaceutical giant Novartis and Orange San Francisco, the subsidiary of telecommunications operator Orange. It has about 10 customers in total from pharma, retail and financial services.  These customers are using CloudSwitch for a range of use cases including cluster scale-outs, web application hosting, application development and testing and labs on demand.

CloudSwitch Enterprise 2.0 is available now, with a free 15-day trial. Pricing begins at $25,000 for an annual license including basic support and up to 20 concurrent virtual machines under management in the cloud. Additional server packs are available for scaling. Cloud usage fees are paid separately to the cloud provider.

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