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EUCALYPTUS sprouts business shoots

In what is surely a contender for the most-complicated backronym of the ages, the Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems, first developed at Middleware and Applications Yielding Heterogenous Environments for Metacomputing, UC- Santa Barbara (MAYHEM in case you weren’t seeing the silly nomenclature trend) has jumped the public lagoon for the open waters of commerce:

Eucalyptus Systems, formed out of the team that developed EUCALYPTUS has gone commercial to sell help with their open-source software to cloud-minded types.

EUCALYPTUS (fingers…getting…so… tired) is a set of open-source software tools that allow users to interact with and deploy AWS-type clouds. You can use the software to administer your EC2 images or create your own private data cloud along the same model. Pretty neat, and free, but what happens when AWS decides to re-tool their APIs? Questions soon to be answered.

read the press release here.

watch this page for updates.

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