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IBM snaps up Platform Computing for private cloud

IBM has acquired Platform Computing, a score for the commodity private cloud champions over those pushing expensive, proprietary cloud in a box systems.

Historically a strong player in the high performance computing market, Platform switched its focus from grid management software to private cloud management in 2009. Its software enables IT shops to create Infrastructure as a Service in-house from multiple hypervisors, provisioning tools and commodity hardware.

With the acquisition of Platform, Big Blue is hedging its bets on which way users will go to build private clouds. One approach is to lash together x86 servers with some virtualization, automation and management software; the alternative is to buy an expensive cloud in a box, like IBM’s Workload Deployer hardware appliance, where the software and hardware is pre-integrated. Oracle, EMC, Cisco, VMware, NetApp and HP all have cloud in a box systems.

Platform’s approach has won it over 2,000 customers including 23 of the top 30 largest global enterprises. CERN, Citigroup, Infineon, Pratt & Whitney, Red Bull Racing, Sanger Institute, Statoil and the University of Tokyo all use the software to manage commodity clusters.

Other vendors offering cloud platform management software include Embotics, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, Gale Technologies and VMware among others.

Platform Computing has approximately 500 employees worldwide who will join IBM Systems and Technology Group. Platform was privately held and thought to be profitable, due to its range of products and market leadership in HPC, not just Platform ISF its cloud management application.

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