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Product release round-up

What follows is a semi-regular exposition on all the products announcements we can’t cover in longer form, kids. They’re all interesting technology, really neat in some cases, strategically interesting in others, but really needs to show how real people are using said awesome technologies, and what’s really driving that use. That takes time and reporting, so stuff gets left in the mailbag and interviews get left on the floor. Hopefully we can push all the interesting stuff that won’t be a story into this kind of post from time to time.

For instance , I spoke with newly minted VP of cloud computing at CSC, Brian Boruff. CSC is a big ($16.7 billion, 92,000 employees) consulting firm, and is opening a cloud computing division. The only real thing they can offer you so far is ‘cloud orchestration consultants’ who will come in and take care of the nuts and bolts using dozens, if not hundreds of other peoples’ technologies in your business — making sure they all meet whatever regulatory needs you have, auditing and compliance and so forth. CSC is rustling up an “alliance partner” to resell a standard package of cloud services and IaaS later on this year. Boruff commented on the rapidly evolving cloud market, saying “we are the only large player that’s technologically independent — we don’t sell [hardware], we don’t sell software”, so he feels CSC will have some influence on what becomes “cloud standard.” Unless it guesses wrong, of course.

SOA software maker TIBCO announced a management-minded suite for developers who really want to play in the cloud but have pesky, grumpy IT managers with governance needs. TIBCO Silver will make sure the “operations guy understands everything that” that developers do in the cloud, even after the fact, say spokesman Phillip Tree. It does this by automating a slew of governance functions, like performance monitoring, version tracking, logging, etc. It allows formalized test environments to be set up, so developers can play in TIBCO Silver/Amazon EC2, and then take their work to the SOA boss, who can in turn start an official dev cycle with a minimum of shouting and headaches.

Managed services firm IP Services is using application virtualization from InstallFree to provide regulatory compliance to applications in the cloud. Given that you’re paying IP Services good money to hang on to your apps and data, one assumes that they are using InstallFree to ensure compliance in their own virtualized, multihomed environment, not farming your goods out to EC2 or something.

Open source Java Virtual Machine scalers Terracotta announced a partnership with VMware. Customers can virtualize everything on VMware, develop JVMs within Terracotta and presumably hold a raffle for all the servers they don’t need any more, as customers, one presumes, port their VMware images to compatible public clouds. While that’s neat, what this really is another arrow in proprietary VMware’s quiver against a cloud market dominated by open source.

Two gentle ribbings:

Cloud software vendor ParaScale released a “TCO calculator,” but it doesn’t seem to work, and there are no instructions. So, that wasn’t well thought out.

Hosting firm REDPLAID (subsidiary of Connectria) has decided that having a shopping cart on its website and offering VMware machines for rent constitutes a public cloud. Honestly? Maybe the on-demand billing, self-service portal, repository of machine images and scalable resources are on the roadmap, but this might constitute band-wagon jumping to more cynical observers.

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