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Exciting news, the site I’ve been brought on to write and report for launched today! There’s plenty of content there already, including straight news, advice, and expert commentary. Many of the articles already there are backfill — old news — but definitely worth a look at, since it comes close to gathering all of TechTarget’s cloud stories in one place. That’s not an inconsequential resource, and I am fully pimping it out to anyone who reads this blog.

Please do be aware that it is soft launch, we know there are dead links and some funky items- it is in process and we are not making a big noise about it. Comments welcome on general look and fell.

As a bonus, I think it looks nice. It’s clean and easy to get around. It’s going to be a blast. A cloudy, cloudy blast.

So that’s nice.

In other news, I finished the Eucalyptus Systems piece. I’ll link to it when it’s officially out in the world.

Another piece about the so-called “Legal Cloud” is up. I think it’s newsworthy because it’s a very clear-cut example of what I’m going to call the “Cloud VAR” (you could even say “Cee-VAR.” That’s a cool sounding acronym, right?). What they’ve done is basically fence off their own little patch of Rackspace (I don’t know to what level or many technical details) as a virtual private cloud and are selling cloud resources to law firms, exclusively. These guys have industry expertise — CEO Mark Hadfield hails from Workshare Deltaview, which makes software for handling legal documents, and the CTO comes from Joyent. At this point, they are long on concept and short on track record (one customer told me he thought the Legal Cloud was basically non-existent and in early testing), but these guys say they want to be out of beta and open for business in 3 months (!).

Of course, they can do this because, wait for it, they are using the cloud. If the model works, they just ramp up their Rackspace headroom; if it doesn’t, they simply turn off the tap. No waiting, no planning, nothing but cash over the barrel.

So that’s a heady recipe when venture capital seems mighty eager for cloud companies: take one cloud/IT manager type, one industry wonk and one credit card and Presto! Cloud VAR open for business. “Nimble” seems to be taking on a whole new meaning out here in cloud-land.

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