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Sun buys Q-Layer a tad early

Sun Microsystems snapped up a key piece of cloud-enabling technology via its acquisition of Belgium-based Q-Layer this week, but it’s way ahead of most enterprise IT shops that are not ready for private clouds just yet.

Data from The451 Group, published in October, 2008, showed that 84% of their IT client base, several hundred large enterprises worldwide, have no plans to deploy internal, on-premise cloud computing.

Intergenia, a hosting company in Germany is the only public Q-Layer customer.

Q-Layer is focused on the orchestration layer above the hypervisor and supports VMware, Xen, Microsoft and Sun. Its NephOS software is designed to run on virtual and physical servers, storage and networks and abstracts all components in each layer through a uniform set of actions (E.g. create machine, reboot, backup, restore, start, stop, etc). The software translates these actions to the underlying physical or virtual technology. IT admins manage a virtual view that is automatically mapped to the underlying virtual or physical technology.

Other companies in this space include 3tera, Enomoly, Eucalyptus, DynamicOps, Arjuna and Cassatt, among others.

It sounds like great technology, which is typical of Sun, as is the timing. Sun’s track record of acquiring great technology and even building great technology way ahead of market adoption is second to none. This deal with Q-Layer looks to be in keeping with the technology focused company we know and love. Let’s hope IT shops are in a position to try this kit out sooner rather than later and Sun finally gets a break.

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